Saturday, October 21st, 2017
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Takraw Thailand on Video Live During Season
When in season, you can watch takraw thailand live at Use google translate to read what is on the page, but do not try to load ...

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Takraw Thailand

When are the Takraw Thailand Games Played?

Takraw in Thailand is played during the "dry and hot" months, which some call the "kite flying season!"  Of course, much ...
Takraw Thailand Ratchaburi

Takraw Thailand League Winners by Year

              2014 - Ratchaburi 2013 – Ratchaburi 2012 – Bangkok Thonburi University 2011 – Nakhon Pathom 2010 – Nakhon Pathom 2009 – Nakhon Pathom 2008 – Nakhon Pathom 2007 ...
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Do Takraw Players Make a Lot of Money?

No. Not every Sepak Takraw Pro is a celebrity. The elite players can expect to earn about $15,000 for a season. Lesser ...
takraw thailand court

Understand the Takraw Game

Thailand Takraw League was established in 2002.  There are 10 teams in the league, originating from and named after the different ...

Are Takraw Balls Hard?

Some players prefer heavier balls for additional bounce or when playing outside to minimize the effects of the wind. Others prefer the softer balls which have less bounce. Newer players always start with the softer (and lighter) balls.

Considering the balls only weigh 5-8 ounces, from a non-player standpoint, it doesn't appear that there is much difference!

Another thing to consider is the "weave". The tightness of the weave effects the spring, bounce and speed of the ball.